Planning and organising the move to another city

You may have to move to another city because of a job change or a personal circumstance. But whether you do it several times or just once in your life, moving is stressful.


It is emotionally charged to leave behind memories of another city, family or personal, and to cope with the time of life change and the administrative formalities involved 


Obviously, you need to locate your new home in your new city. You need to know which transport stops are close by, metro, bus, tram, which shopping centres, neighbourhood councils to register with, the health centre that corresponds to you, etc. All this will help you to avoid surprises. Also think about whether your new flat or house is furnished or not, as transporting furniture is much more complicated than moving only clothes, crockery or other smaller objects.

The wardrobe boxes will help protect fragile clothing and contain all your small items such as shoes or accessories. Wardrobe box storage is ideal if you're storing your clothes and need to clean the home, as you can easily move and store them.

Cleaning out your old home

Since you are moving, take the opportunity to do some cleaning and get rid of things you will no longer need. For example, make a selection of clothes that you will no longer wear in your new city due to the change of climate. You can donate all the clothes you will no longer wear to a foundation or charity.

Prepare your trip in detail and in advance

If you have a car or van and you are going to make your own move, plan the trip and everything you are going to take with you, where you will place each moving box, how long it will take you to make the trip, how you will take the things to your new home, if someone is going to help you and other similar questions.

Measure your items to get an idea of the size of the moving boxes you need. When you measure it, you will get the interior measurements, but remember that, in general, our boxes come with exterior measurements given in length x width x height. This are the most common moving boxes of out catalogue:

Surely you can search and find many more on the Internet.

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