easyStorage Boxes is a member of the easy family of brands, offering moving supplies and boxes at the most cost-effective prices. We know how expensive moving houses can be. That's why, to save you some headaches, we have put together some great moving kits with different box sizes, moving supplies and packing materials that you may need.

All our boxes and moving supplies are made from the highest quality strong cardboard which can be used for packing your house before moving or for general storage use. Great customer service and exceptional quality products are the cornerstone of what we do, and we take great pride in being able to assist our customers during such a stressful time.

All our products are endorsed by moving and storage specialists. As part of the easyStorage group we use this expertise to offer products that meet the needs of all our customers.

easyStorage Boxes offers a no-frills approach to pricing. We offer moving boxes, tools and moving supplies. Each of them is reasonably priced and according to need.

We deliver the items purchased on our website to our customers' doorsteps.

We believe our products and services are the best in the UK and we want to help our customers take advantage of this.

Our story

easyStorage offers a no-frills approach to pricing. Customers will pay a sensible margin for storage and then pay for all the extras as they need them. These would be packing materials, packing, insurance, as well as collection and delivery (with cheaper slots for when a delivery is already booked in the area). Each priced sensibly and on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Unlike traditional self-storage, we bring easyPods to our customer’s door. We load items there and then, close the easyPods using security seals and take them to an easyStorage secure storage facility.

Unlike walk-in self storage, we take advantage of storing high in a warehouse, using cubic meters that are often otherwise wasted.

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