Tips on how to organise your wardrobe for a move, according to Marie Kondo

Organising your wardrobe never goes amiss, especially when it comes to relocating and moving house. Marie Kondo is a businesswoman who has given us the keys to organise everything in the most practical, simple and effective way. 

Recommendations for organising your wardrobe and your life

Having all your clothes in a mess is a lack of control in your life that can affect your mood. It is a priority that you look for a solution and this is why, here we give you the guidelines you need ;)

1. Make the best of a move

Moving house can be a real headache, so you need to get organised. If you are going to organise your clothes in boxes, take advantage of this moment to get rid of everything you no longer need or are not going to use and sort the rest into categories.

2. Gather all your clothes and organise them into categories

Take all the clothes you have stored in different areas of the house, whether they are wardrobes, drawers, chests of drawers, boots, etc., and put them in front of you. That way you will be aware of everything and star making a selection of what you want to throw away and what you want to keep.

3. Don't be afraid to get rid of what you no longer use

Before tidying up, get rid of everything you no longer use, without any regrets! You can make several piles and group the clothes according to what you want to do with them: things to throw away, to mend, to keep. You'd better have another look at the pile of clothes you want to mend, it might take too much effort and not be worth it. 

4. Do it all on the same day 

Do your best to tidy your wardrobe on the same day or several days in a row, but never leave it half done. This could demotivate you and you could give up your cause. When you can see the results, it is easy to realise that the effort is worth it. 

5. Group your clothes by colour and fold them

If you store your clothes by colour, it will make it easier to find them visually and it will give you a better sense of order. You'll be able to find things quickly so that you can combine them immediately.

The trick is to fold your clothes in three folds and store them vertically in this way (see picture attached). This way you can take your clothes one by one without messing up the rest. Plus, they will wrinkle less, whether in the suitcase or in the wardrobe.


6. Pack you clothes properly

The wardrobe boxes will help protect fragile clothing and contain all your small items such as shoes or accessories. Wardrobe box storage is ideal if you're storing your clothes and need to clean the home, as you can easily move and store them.

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