Where do I get Boxes for Moving?

Moving boxes should really be one of the easiest things to tick off your checklist for a move. It sounds simple, but suddenly a new World of choices that we know nothing about opens up.

Our pointers for choosing a supplier and appropriate boxes to keep a move running smoothly are:

  • If you don’t have a good quality box supplier close to where you live, look online. Let them do the running around and deliver to your door.
  • When buying online, make sure the seller is an established, reliable supplier, not one that will take your money and run, offering a refund that never comes;
  • Pick a supplier that has experience moving and packing and uses the boxes themselves. They have confidence in their own products;
  • Chose quality boxes that you know are heavy duty - compromising on the quality of your boxes can prove a false economy, and poor quality boxes can create extra stress when moving thanks to breakages and boxes falling apart;
  • Instead of begging friends or local businesses for their cast offs, invest in durable boxes at good prices. They are less likely to fail because of previous use.

easyStorage recently set up easyStorage Boxes, so that anyone moving, whether using easyStorage or not, could benefit from the masses of packing experience that the easyStorage teams have.

The team took the view that life doesn’t need to be hard. A heavy duty box may be slightly more strength than needed, but firstly the box can then often be reused for storing things, and, secondly, why confuse things with flimsy boxes?  

They also narrowed choice down to the most popular standard sizes needed: small, medium and large, along with specialist boxes for moving hanging clothes (which can also prove invaluable while unpacking – one less problem to think about).

They then added accessories that people generally need, like bubble wrap, tape, and even a protective blanket to put on seats or wrap around large unpacked items like dining tables during a move.

And to top it off, to make it even cheaper and easier for bigger moves like home moves, they created popular packages of boxes.

A quick peek at their blog reveals helpful articles to make your packing choices even easier, including:

So, where should you get boxes for moving?

You choose, but we’re easyStorage, and you can see just how easy we’ve made it here: https://easystorageboxes.com/.

Do take a look!