How to choose your ideal moving box

When we need to pack an object or an entire house, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably moving boxes. We tend to think that is something simple, but when we go into a catalogue and find thousands of sizes with different thicknesses, suddenly it became a  world of its own. In this article we give you the best tips to find YOUR perfect moving box.


 The second thing you usually think of is, money, something very cheap and that fits our needs, but STOP. Think that you’re talking about your objects and belongings. Everything that you appreciate can be damaged by a bad packaging. We know that money is not for wastefulness, but there are very key things to take into account to make the right choice:

 Measure your items to get an idea of the size of the moving box you need. When you measure it, you will get the interior measurements, but remember that, in general, our boxes come with exterior measurements given in length x width x height. This are the most common moving boxes of out catalogue:

Consider if your belongings are fragile or not and how susceptible to be damaged they are. This point will help you to choose thicker or thinner moving boxes.

How much weight are you going to put in the box? The thicker and heavier the box, the more weight it will support. It is very important to be aware that if the weight is well distributed and the box is well packed, it will support more weight.

On the other hand, when you move house or flat, you need to pack up all of your belongings. Moving kits are a great way to help get everything organized and help you plan your move. They include all the packing materials you need to pack up your belongings into boxes and move them to your new home.

These items will help you both for packaging or packing your products, as well as for moving or sending some objects as a casual thing. Moving boxes are an economical, quick, recyclable, foldable (they don't take up space) and customisable resource.

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