What Material Do I Need To Make My Move?

You are going to move house and you need to classify everything you are going to move, get rid of what you don't use and pack what you are going to keep so that it is protected and no accidents occur during the move. 

Moving home is a much more complicated process than it looks from the outside, as there are many steps to be taken, such as finding out if the property you are moving into has its utilities connected, if there is a change of owner or, on the other hand, if there is a need for a new supply... a whole host of things that need to be done with all five senses in mind. And as if there were not enough things to carry out, the question arises, what materials do we need to carry out the removal?

Packing for a removal is an essential procedure if you don't want your belongings to arrive at your new home completely disorganised, or worse, broken and deteriorated.

So, whether you are going to carry out the removal yourself, or you are going to hire a company that specialises in the sector, take the time to draw up a list of all the items you will need to make the move a success.


Depending on the type of objects you are going to pack, you will need different types of material. It is not the same thing to pack a pot, a lamp, a mirror or crystal glasses.

Below, we detail the necessary accessories that you will need for your move.

Survival kit: Something basic that we will need, such as scissors, a cutter, markers, labels...

Bubble wrap: Bubble bags and rolls of bubble wrap establish, in addition to cardboard boxes, one of the most used packing materials in the moving section due to the wide variety of usefulness it presents. It is made of two layers of translucent plastic, between which small bubbles or air pockets are formed to cushion against knocks. It is easy to handle and very adaptable.

Transparent film: Its main disadvantage is that it can be complex to handle and laborious to cut evenly. However, it serves as an air and moisture insulator. It can be used as an outer band to prevent boxes from opening.

Adhesive tape: This is a moving classic. It makes it easy to seal packaging as disparate as bubble wrap and boxes made of any material.

Cardboard boxes in different models: This is one of the first materials that comes to mind when we want to carry out a move or relocation. The good thing about cardboard is that it is easy to handle and use. Cardboard boxes are usually one of the cheapest alternatives. The price will vary depending on the size and model you choose.

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