Tips for moving house with children

What to do when moving house with children?

Moving house is a major change in a family's life. In the case of children, it can affect them in a very intense way if the necessary measures are not taken throughout the process.

Keeping calm and positive is one of the most important points. Children feel everything that adults feel, so if you maintain a calm atmosphere, children will not take the change as something so aggressive.

Explain the reasons for the move to them, no matter how old they are. This will help them to better understand the reason for the change.

Emphasise the positive aspects of the new home and the new environment. If necessary, visits can be made so that the child or young person can see it with their own eyes.

Involve them in the move. If they are involved in sorting out their belongings and putting away their toys, among other things, the child will feel much more integrated and will see the process as something more positive and not so imposed.

They can even help you packing their items, this are the most common moving boxes of our catalogue:

Maintain routines. If, after the move, the same routines are maintained as in the previous home, the children will not take it as such a big change.

With all these tips, moving house with your kids will be much easier for them and for the adults. Above all, it is important to transmit security to the little ones, as they will feel much more secure and will not see this change as something negative.

In addition, one of the best times to do it is during the summer holidays, when they no longer have to go to school.

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