Brilliantly Easy Ways To Reuse Moving and Storage Boxes

Our moving boxes and packs give you everything you need to store with ease, but what are you to do with them once they've been used for the move? Of course, there is no shame in keeping them especially because, according to 2020 study commissioned by Slam AI Club, the average Brit will live 11 different homes over their lifetime! 

To keep boxes fully in tact for the next move the best way to store them is to stack them on top of each other or side by side, with the open end facing down, and then fill in the gaps with books, clothes or even towels.

However, you may not be willing or able to let stacks take up the valuable space in your home which is completely understandable. In this case, you can flatten them completely, or, you could reuse and repurpose them. 

At easyStorage, we are passionate about reducing our waste, most recently embarking on our Zero Waste Week Challenge at HQ which you can read about here



 We also even took to the streets to really make a difference as part of the #MillionMileMission The Great British Spring Clean is an annual initiative organized by Keep Britain Tidy, which you can see more of here.



To help you get the best out of your easyStorage Boxes purchase we are sharing our favourite ways and creative ideas to reuse our sturdy cardboard boxes of all sizesbubble wrap/blankets/papertape and other accessories.


Mess-proof arts and crafts projects


We all know things can get a bit messy when you get inspired to create some art or DIY project. So why not use a cardboard box to create your own paint palette? It doesn't need to be complicated, just cut up your box to get a palette shape that will allow you to move around releasing your inner Jackson Pollock and create your masterpiece. And guess what? You don't have to wash it up after so you save water. Once the paint dries, you can usually put your new colours on there and use again. It won't last forever and you may just want to bin it after it's first use, but at least you've doubled it's life span.


Another usage for spare cardboard is to protect the furniture you have in your home or studio! Grab a larger box and flatten it out, you can cover your table so you do not have to worry about making any permanent damage with any DIY projects.


A toy box



If you have children, you know how important toys are to your young people whether they are for learning and development, to spark a giggle or even to just keep them occupied for a little. That being said, it can be hard to not end up with toys covering the floor forcing you to stifle a scream after stepping on those tiny dreaded pieces of Lego. So why not think about repurposing a larger moving box for storage in your home? 

These don't need any decorating but if you wish it can be turned into a family activity! Get out those pens and satisfy your young peoples urges to draw on the walls by getting them to decorate their own toy box. If you would rather a quick fix, grab some wallpaper or any other wrapping paper and cover the box. To keep it there, it is best to pop some clear varnish over the top of whatever you have decided to decorate it with. If you are moving, with lots of children toys we have an article just for you here.


A clothes hanger


Now, this one might need a bit more patience so we have made sure we sourced an expert step-by-step tutorial here for you. But, sustainable clothes hangers are hard to find, so why not reuse material you already have to create your very own. You can ensure they have any features you wish, like a nice design, a notch to catch clothing with straps or hanging loops and even choose the sizing to fit your wardrobe!

If you are moving or planning on storing your clothes or even just sorting through them, we have the top Marie Kondo tips and tricks for organising your wardrobe.


A cat scratcher




Why not gift your feline friend a wonderful new toy, which at the same time will stop them from scratching your furniture! Again, this one can be slightly more challenging so we've found a detailed DIY guide to make two different versions. Whilst we're thinking about our favourite pets, if you've got a move coming up we also can help with advice to make sure your pets do not get as stressed as you! Click here to read all about it.


Stylish storage box


A cardboard box can be easily turned into a useful and stylish box which you can store absolutely anything which you need to keep a hold of. It really helps to organise your belongings so that they are easy to find. It also helps to reduce clutter in your home. It is a great way to pop in items that you have yet to sort through so you do not have to look at them for a while! 

This one is pretty simple as you can grab a box of any size, if you want to decorate them grab some wallpaper and repeat steps for the toy box above. However if you want to make the boxes a little more fashionable, you can use some fabric to cover the boxes and secure it with glue or even easier a stapler/stapler gun. We think this could be a great way to store so many items from loose bits and bobs to protect records or books. If you are moving any time soon and are a book-lover, we have already got the top tips to packing books that you need to know.


Gift tags



Coming up to Christmas this has to be a favourite idea to reuse cardboard to make a lovely addition to gifts for your loved ones. Instead of wasting money on gift tags, why not make your own? Grab some scissors and a hole punch to add a thoughtful reusable gift tag on to any gift for any and every special occasion such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Valentines Day, Easter and more. Spend a bit of time making and you will never have to buy another gift tag again!


Let us know if you try any of these ideas or if you have a move approaching or need some extra space, book storage that comes to you and quotes are available, 24/7 here: