Large easyStorage Cardboard Heavy Duty Moving Box

Large easyStorage Cardboard Heavy Duty Moving Box 450x450x500mm

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The Large Box is the ideal solution for storing bulky household items. With a height of 500mm and a depth of 450mm, it's big enough to hold multiple bed pillows or several soft toys yet compact enough to fit on any flat surface. Our large boxes are designed to stack with other easyStorage large boxes, making them perfect for storing and transporting various household items such as bedsheets, blankets, clothes, shoes, and more. We provide storage boxes and packaging supplies that are designed to make your packaging and moving experience easier. We also offer a variety of storage boxes that are perfect for your storage and packaging needs. 

  • Storage made easy
  • No-frills storage solutions
  • An easier way to store items

The Large Box is the perfect size for your seasonally changing storage needs. Pack your summer holiday clothes away in it, or store all your outdoor equipment.