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Here at easyStorage boxes and easyStorage, we love making our customers happy every single day (even showing a little extra love on Valentines Day!) So yes it’s true that one of our favourite things to do is reading and personally responding to every single one of our Trustpilot reviews. Especially since we’ve got a solid 4.8-star rating!

We often write review round ups to share some of customer stories on our easyStorage blog, so we thought why not write about some of the customers reviews who have used our easyStorage Boxes and packing materials.



We are so happy to have helped this customer with their storage experience. Our loaders are trained to always use every single spare inch of our pods. We want our customers to have the absolute best experience at the very best price in every aspect of what we do. Our teams have no interest in forcing you to use extra pods that you don’t need. We carefully source our boxes, packing materials and accessories to ensure that they are of the highest quality whilst maintain a competitive price, and unlike many storage companies, we do not insist that you purchase our moving boxes in order to store with us!



Most of us have been in a position where our move gets delayed or pushed back at the very last minute. It can be super frustrating but at least easyStorage is here to help. We move your whole home, from one room to another - a 35 square foot wooden pod. It doesn’t matter how many floors we have to climb, how hot it is or how many boxes you have – our loaders go above and beyond for every customer. We are even happy to pack up all your boxes also, that way you really do not have to lift a finger, just sit back and relax. We bet you never thought moving could be this easy and hassle-free!




Our team cannot claim to work miracles all the time, however for this customer we were able to ensure that they received all their boxes and packing materials just in the nick of time. If you’v left it to the last minute to find some boxes or suddenly have to move quickly, why not look at what we can do for you? Our team will do absolutely everything in their power to make sure you have all the items you need for a super smooth move.




This review reminds us of a very famous Friends episode and a fan favourite quote: “PIVOT!” It’s always great to have extra pairs of hands when you’ve got heavy or cumbersome items to move. It’s also useful to have some smiley faces and other people to lighten the load as well as the mood. We’re glad this customer had this great experience and loved the boxes too. When designing them it was important to our team that each box would pack flat and would be super simple to put together. Putting together a cardboard box should never need to feel like an origami exercise – don’t you agree?



We do try live up to our name by making storage easy. Our easyStorage family is a carefully chosen group of individuals who genuinely care about helping customers. We are happy to dismantle any larger items like beds so that we can fit in the most to every single pod. And you can order boxes and packing materials to arrive with your pod and save on postage fees. If you forget, we often carry a very small stock of boxes and packing materials on the vans, that way you can purchase any missing bits whilst we are packing your belongings.


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