The Storage Solutions To Save Christmas

It’s a big claim, but self-storage could save your Christmas! With a little advance planning, it’s never been easier.

Hide your Christmas presents

You’ve bought the presents and wrapped them (aah, Black Friday, a curse and a blessing), but you just know that the cat’s going to claw those packages, that the teen’s will be shaking those parcels to see what’s inside and that the kids just won’t be able to resist.

A storage unit can help you keep those secrets tucked away, and with easyStorage we’ll also deliver them back on an agreed date. Not that we want to turn our franchisees into Santa’s little helpers.

That said, they were a charitable and busy bunch last Christmas and we were really proud of them.

For example, and these are just a few of the things they got up to, easyStorage Croydon helped out the local Heart Foundation (Read more here.)

easyStorage Thames Valley helped collect and wrap presents for children in tough circumstances.

easyStorage Scotland teamed up with HomeInstead to help both carers and vulnerable people.

(The company’s CEO also started a food project during the pandemic, Fresh Food for the Frontline, which we can’t omit, as so many people were involved: easyStorage supports Food from the Heart Initiative.

Keep the clutter tucked away

You have an artificial Christmas tree, decorations coming out of your ears, the kids’ first Christmas creations, special festive china, ‘Chrimbo jumpers’, and who knows what else. This all needs either getting rid of and replacing annually or large amounts of storage space.

A storage unit will keep it all in one place, safe and sound until the following year (and, again, easyStorage will deliver it back to you.)

Make space for relatives

All being well (let’s not speak too soon!), our relatives may, at last, be able to come and stay for Christmas. Whether that’s in-laws or the kids coming home, rearranging the house can feel like a military exercise, but this exercise can be made a lot easier by temporarily removing things into storage.

Making it easy

easyStorage takes a lot of the strain and cost out of self storage. With prices at around half the cost of traditional self storage, belongings are both collected and brought back to customers. There are even packing and loading services available.

No obligation quotes are available online, 24/7 via the online booking site, which even has a space calculator to help decide what space you need: obtain a quote.

Or hide presents in plain sight with the help of easyStorage Boxes and other packing materials to keep organised for your move including boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap/blankets/paper, tape and other accessories.