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Make an inventory

It's a good idea to make a detailed list of all the furniture you have, what type of furniture it is (wardrobes, dressers, chests of drawers, desks, beds, sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, shoe racks, etc), which ones you want to move to your new home, which ones you want to store and its condition (new, very new, worn out, very worn out...). This furniture inventory will help you keep track of your belongings, determine what packing materials you need for each type of furniture and even help you get rid of some furniture.

Be careful with the weight

A classic removal mistake is to overfill the boxes so that they end up being more difficult to transport and run the risk of breaking, not to mention the fact that we can hurt ourselves by taking on so much weight. It is preferable to use more and smaller boxes rather than fewer and larger ones. 

Small boxes can hold personal belongings, documents or ornaments. Larger boxes can carry books, clothes or electrical appliances. Always make sure that the weight is not excessive. 

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Number the boxes

As we don't want any boxes to get lost during the move, it is important to assign a number to each one. This way we know what is in each box, and we can group them by room. This will save valuable time when unpacking boxes.

Visualise your new home

Make a mental plan of your new home to see if all the furniture will fit. If there's furniture that won't fit through the door, doesn't fit the design or you'll soon get tired of it, it's not worth moving it to your new home. It will be a hassle for you and, in the case of hiring a moving company, it will increase the price of the move for nothing.

You are now ready to pack and store. In need of store have a look at, the low-cost stress and hassle-free service that came to your door.

Keep an eye on this blog for hints and tips on how to pack different goods.