Scotland’s Students Preparing for Take Off

Tighten your seatbelt – easyStorage is on its way to help students across Scotland!


easyStorage offering University of Glasgow students low-cost storage


Having fun while you work hard is part of the DNA of the easyStorage Scotland team. And they just couldn’t resist the opportunity to turn the launch of their new ‘bus service’ into a ‘take off’ of sister brand easyJet. (See what we did there?)

Stationed with high vis jackets, they channelled students, air steward style, toward their bus stop ‘baggage drop off point’ (collection point) as they launched the new service.

So easyStorage Scotland is offering a bus service? The answer is ‘kind of’. More specifically they’re offering a bus-like service to ferry students’ belongings and boxes into (and out of) storage.


Let’s ‘back up’ a little.

easyStorage Scotland now collects students’ belongings into storage direct from Universities across Scotland, including University of Glasgow, University of Stirling, University of St Andrews and Edinburgh.


easyStorage van visiting students of the University of Stirling


On a set day and time, easyStorage brings its bright orange easyVans along, and students can load their goods (or have them loaded) into an easyPod, the storage container where their belongings will be sealed in and held until returned.

Provided the students use the ‘bus stop’ day collection spot on the day the ‘bus service’ rolls onto campus, there is no cost either for collection or for dropping goods back, leaving the cost of storage as only the exceptionally good value price for storing the goods. The easyStorage Scotland student special offers still apply.

The service is proving popular, and Universities that don’t yet have an easyStorage ‘bus stop’ service are encouraged to ask the easyStorage Scotland team for one. There is no cost to the university for easyStorage providing this service.

Many students who don’t have enough belongings to merit a full easyPod are clubbing together to share one, taking costs down even further. (A pod is 35’ square, and there’s a useful guide on this website to estimate how much space things will take up:



In the same way as ‘bus stop’ collection is on certain dates, there are free ‘bus stop’ returns on certain dates come September when students return from their summer adventures. Students just email Alison or Chantal at easyStorage Scotland and they’ll book the return. (Full details are given to storers when they book.)

easyJet don’t seem to object too much to the team’s light-hearted take on their service. Students are loving the service. And the easyStorage Scotland team are having fun.

Sounds like a win to us!

(To find out whether the easyStorage Scotland ‘bus’ service comes to your university, call freephone 0800 061 4091. It’s a no obligation phone call.)

We also provide packing materials to keep your stuff organised in your storage, whilst moving or just within your time at University including boxes of all sizesbubble wrap/blankets/papertape and other accessories.