Preparing to Make the Best of the Next Bank Holiday

Scotland already had theirs (1 August), but for the rest of the UK, August Bank Holiday this year (2022) falls on August 29.

And three-day weekend is a perfect time to have a fabulous declutter, especially as the change in seasons is upon us (barring an ‘Indian summer’, of course).

Whether you choose to go room by room or by type of item, there are some general rules that recur through whatever tidying guru’s manual you choose to follow.


Woman decluttering and sorting through clothes


First up though – state of mind. Accept that there will be things you love that really have to go, either stored away for a future move or for future generations, or taken off your hands. Decluttering can be emotional. So stay sober, stay hydrated, stay strong and you’ll do a much better job.

Stage one is to gather appropriate boxes and bags, dustbin bags, recycling bags and storage things like baskets or display boxes that you might want/need. Do this on a weekend and you’ll be ready to start, and, moreover, the boxes in your way will be a great incentive to get going on the important stuff!

Stage two is emptying out everything and creating piles. This is going to take longer than you think unless you’re a decluttering expert or wonderwoman/superman.  

Suggested piles: 

  • definitely keep and use
  • keep and store (for example things of emotional value or out of season)
  • give away; 
  • take to a charity shop; 
  • sell online; 
  • recycle or bin. 


Cluttered items in the house


(Your piles might be ‘take to the dump’ or ‘give to best friend’ – you’ll know roughly, and there’s nothing stopping you making up more as you go along.)

Some A4 paper and a bold pen (felt tip) can be used to mark up each pile so they/you don’t get muddled. 

Avoid the temptation of having a ‘not sure’ pile. If it means you work faster, indulge yourself, but it’s way better to be decisive.

Stage three is making sure everything that was pulled out and is in the ‘keep’ pile gets put away. Ensure that the place you’re putting it is clean and, as required, ironed or wrapped or simply tidied into appropriate ‘containers’, be those boxes or baskets, drawers or wardrobes.