Make An EasterStorage Van!

It’s Easter holidays and everyone’s going ‘Craft-tastic’ making cardboard cut-out Easter eggs and Easter Bunnies and Easter baskets.

There are hundreds of ideas online, and we thought we’d add to them with a really simple project that doesn’t need you to be SuperMum or WonderDad to manage.

How to make a fabulous EasterStorage van out of a cardboard box with your pre-schooler.

What you can realistically achieve in one go will depend on the attention span of your child, but there’s no reason this really simple project can’t be done over a couple of days in short bursts.


What you’ll need:

  • An old cardboard box (The box will go to make a sit-in cart, so make sure it’s big enough for the intended driver to avoid any tears.)
  • Paints including orange and black
  • Paintbrushes of different sizes
  • Glue
  • Scissors/cutting knife (for use by adults only)
  • Something to cover the floor (old sheet, plastic tablecloth)
  • Ribbon, elastic or card strips (to hold rabbit ears on head)


Optional extras:

  • black marker pen
  • felt tips
  • glitter, crafting jewels or other crafting supplies
  • cotton wool ball
  • black wash off eyeliner or face paint (test for allergies on young skin beforehand)



Before you start, cut the flaps from the top of the box. Cut these into four circles (for use as wheels) and two bunny ear shapes. Once the ‘dangerous’ cutting stuff is away, introduce a child to the mix, and…..


Let the fun begin!

Take the box with no upper flaps, and it’s time to start.

There is only one colour that the van can be – orange – so it’s time to get painting, all over orange. Use the biggest brush you can in order to have the job done before little one starts getting bored.

Turning it upside down (closed side up) may prevent wet paint getting inside. As our little one is going to sit in the EasterStorage van and drive it, it may later prevent unnecessarily mucky clothes. But if they’re old enough to wait until the paint dries before getting in, this may not be necessary. Your child, your call.

While the paint’s drying on the main body of the van, you can both  share painting the wheels (black, black and white, black white silver, you choose!)

You can also start decorating the bunny ears. If you’re brave, you might want to add glitter; stick on jewels from the crafting box; fabric; cotton wool linings – even some cut out tin foil shapes.

Once the paint on the van is dry, stick on the wheels and while they’re drying in place, it’s time to help your little one become the Easter Bunny to sit inside.

Make a band to attach the ears to, so that they sit at the front of the child’s head – this might be ribbon, elastic, even an old hat. Glue is safer than staples which may scratch – even consider stitching. Cardboard from boxes is thick and pretty forgiving.  

If your child will sit for long enough for face painting, all you need is a little black nose, and maybe a rabbit mouth. Pop little one in the box and you have the cutest photos to send to family and friends (and us, if you like!) And for the prefect photo opp, add a little cotton wool bunny tail.

On the side of the van, paint or write ‘EasterStorage’ and away you go.


Five small variations

  1. For a more ‘genuine’ van effect, add windows, side doors etc.  
  2. If you have older children around, get them involved and helping with cutting and painting. (Normal cautions re scissors apply, of course.)
  3. You can also make eggs, bunnies, chicks and the like out of card to go into the van with the Easter Bunny ‘driver’. How about getting them to play Easter bunny and deliver the eggs on Easter Sunday?
  4. If the ‘bunny’ is a toddler, why not cut the card off the bottom, and add some ribbon over the shoulders so that the toddler can ‘drive’ around with their EasterStorage van?
  5. Simply put your little one’s annual chocolate supply in the van as an Easter surprise on Easter morning. Maybe that Easter bunny even wants to add to the magic and leave a note telling them how much they love their new EasterStorage van.



At easyStorage, we have a tradition of naming our easyVans after the first person that they serve. For older children, why not follow tradition and name yours after the person (real or fictional) that your Easter bunny delivers eggs (real or fictional) to?


Whatever you do

We hope you have a lot of fun and wish you a really happy Easter break from all of us here at easyStorage.