July Jobs for Lifestyle Storers

We know it’s June, but planning ahead is going to save us all time and money. So here’s a short list of some of the things that lifestyle storers may want to be preparing for next month’s storing, organisation and general decluttering.

We are working on two basic principles whilst considering things for storing:

  1.       Keeping spaces tidy (and therefore easy to clean)

  2.       Creating more space.

For lifestyle storers, here are seven simple prompts: you know best what you have planned and what you have already stored and brought out of storage.


Things to take out of store

1. Summer clothes

Don’t let summer pass you by. Sort those summer clothes out of storage now, and check them over for size, for damage, and even if you like them any more.

If there are things you no longer want, don’t forget that there are apps to help you sell them on, or charity shops looking for good quality items to sell.


2. Holidays

If you’re headed off on holiday, time to take out the suitcases and check them over/clean them as needed. If you’re flying, make sure that the checks include measuring. Many airlines have tightened up on baggage size restrictions. Make sure that you include wheels in the length of the bag, as this is one of the areas that can catch you out and land you with extra costs at the airport.

If you have lots of ‘bucket and spade’ paraphernalia, crab lines and floats, now is the time to get them out and check them. The summer holidays are looming, and no-one deserves to spend their holiday blowing up an inflatable with a hole in it (to say nothing of ensuing toddler tantrums) or trying to unravel tangled wires.


orange home cleaning


3. The garden

If you haven’t already had it out, (we’ve had such a mixed bag of weather in the UK!) it’s time to dust off the garden furniture and put it out to enjoy. Have ready a screwdriver or two to tighten up loosened joints, cleaning materials, and if it’s wood, appropriate oils, waxes or polishes. We have a short summer, so don’t delay!


4. Festivals

Festival season is upon us, and we venture to say that after the COVID break, this year’s music festivals will be better than ever.

It’s time to bring to the surface not only your festival clothes, face paint, tiaras, flags or whatever else it is that you choose to dress in, but also to check tents and bedding for any damage.

If your ‘festival-ing’ consists of Ascot, Henley et al, it’s definitely time to search out the hat boxes, assuming you haven’t already done so.


5. Summer sports and hobbies gear

You’ve probably already taken out the things for the boat, the summer cycle put away over the winter, the water-skiing gear etc. But if not, now’s the time! If you’re lucky enough to have a sports car that only comes out in the summer, it’s also time to shake down that cover and take accessories out of their winter hiding places.

And if you’re a fair weather fisherman (or woman), it’s time to get out all of that gear and check it over.

(If you didn’t sort your shed out before, now just might be a good time to do it: Fifty sheds of orange)


Woman cleaning her home


Things to put into store

6. End of school year

It’s the end of the school year, and the uniforms are coming off for the final time. Put away until term time is nearly here. 


7. Winter clothes

If you haven’t already put away winter clothes, now’s a good time time to do it. (useful guide: Packing away winter items for the summer)


8. Winter rugs, blankets and quilts

Now’s a great time to get heavy rugs and blankets cleaned and put away. The cleaning will be cheaper now than later, and everything will be beautifully ready when the winter months return.


Woman surrounded by clothes on hanging lines


Is it time for a declutter?

As seasons cross over, we can find ourselves overloaded with clutter. Out comes the summer ‘stuff’ and the winter ‘stuff’ needs putting away, but try and follow the decluttering mantra: if it no longer gives you pleasure, give it away or sell it. (throwing away is a last resort.)


Other things to consider

Some shops still run July sales. Yes, just as the season gets going, and the weather warms up, it’s all over in the shops! Now’s a great time to think about Christmas presents rather than waiting for the ‘Black Friday’ rush or price rises in the winter. And you can always store things away safely until December!


Decluttering suggestion of the month: As you’re likely to be swapping winter clothes for summer ones anyway, why not have a big wardrobe declutter? 

For a no obligation quote for storage in your area, 24/7, use our online system https://book.easystorage.com/ , which even has a handy guide to how much space you may need. Alternatively, call our team on 0800 061 4091 (during working hours.)