How to prepare fragile items for a move | easyStorage Boxes

Moving to a new home often brings with it a wave of emotions that take us from joy and excitement to nostalgia for the things we are leaving behind. In those days before a move, it is important to have a clear plan and give each object the protection it needs so that everything arrives safe and secure. That's why we'd like to give you some tips on safety measures to prepare delicate items for moving day.

A good base.

Underneath the boxes, especially the ones where you transport glassware, it is necessary to build a good cushioning base so that any possible knocks do not affect the inside of the box. You can make use of materials such as newspaper to make balls or resistant cardboard that will give extra security to the transport box.

Protect the objects individually and secure them in the box.

Try not to wrap fragile items together so that they do not break each other. It’s better to wrap them individually in bubble wrap or similar shock-absorbing material. You can fill the gaps with some resistant and light material, such as polyurethane foam or simple paper.

Note on the box with a FRAGILE.

Remember to write on the box that it has fragile contents, so it will be easier to remember that these boxes should not be placed under other boxes with a lot of weight or that they cannot be hit during transport and moving.

Prefer specialised products.

There are a large number of packaging products on the market that place emphasis on moving certain objects to ensure their safety in transit. When it comes to protecting very valuable items, you can access different specific materials that will help them arrive in one piece to their new home. At easyStorage Boxes we work with the best cardboard boxes with a self-assembly system so that your objects are well protected and provide extra security for your move.

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