easyStorage Boxes the Low-Cost Moving Supplies

One of the unavoidable costs of moving is packing. However, if you do it smartly, it can save you money and make the move cheaper.

At easyStorageBoxes.com we offer boxes for removals that are suitable for all kind of moves. What's more, we also had created several removal multi-packs, so you can move with peace of mind and with the guarantee that your belongings will arrive in good condition. Or kits include all the packing materials and supplies you need to pack up your belongings into boxes and move them into storage or your new home.

Our products are endorsed by moving and storage specialists. As part of the easyStorage group, we use this expertise to offer products that meet the needs of all our customers.

How many moving boxes do I need? 

It is not easy to determine how many things each one has. Therefore, we give you the measurements of the boxes for removals, so you can get an approximate idea of what you need. 

As a rule of a thumb you will approximately need 10 medium, 6 large and 1 wardrobe box per room. Please bear in mind this is just an estimate. Rooms can drastically vary in size and contents. 

Why a moving pack?

Because it includes everything you need: moving boxes, hanging cupboard boxes, rolls of bubble wrap, adhesive tape, inventory labels and a cutter. They are perfect! In a moving pack, you will find all the boxes and supplies you could need.

easyStorage Boxes has design different moving packs that are perfectly suited to all kinds of needs. The basic one is the Student multi-pack. This is a moving kit that is ideal for students that want to move out of the family home, the improved version of this one would be, the Starter multi-pack that comes with a wide range of storage options, including flat packs, stacking boxes and wardrobe boxes. After these, you will find the Small, Medium and Large multi-packs, a great way to help get everything organized and plan your move. 

For us there is absolutely no doubt, Packs are the best option. There is one for every occasion, please take a look at our website and decide which one suits you.

The easyStorage Boxes packs are a convenient and economical way to store and use all your packing boxes.