5 Tips for moving offices

Making a move is never easy, but if we add to that the fact that the move is from one office to another and that all employees are involved, the task can be even more complicated. Given the complexity, we wanted to organise the steps for a successful office move.

Plan your office move

The time it takes to plan an office move varies depending on the size of the company; the type of move to be made, for example if they are international or national removals; the amount of furniture, which will influence the time of disassembly and assembly, etc..

In most cases small companies do not need more than eight weeks, in the case of medium and large companies it can vary between three and eight months. This period is the most important because it will set the pace for the next steps.

1 - Set a date in the calendar:

Relocating offices means cutting the company's activity for a few days. It is best to choose a time of year when your office or company is less busy. Generally, the summer months are a good choice, although you should bear in mind that some staff may be on holiday.

2 - Study the new space:

Knowing the new space is essential to establish the new work areas, rest areas, reception, offices, etc. Making a good plan of the space will avoid carrying out short-term reforms.

3 - Supplies:

These are usually in the name of the former tenant or the owner, in which case you should arrange in advance the transfer of ownership of electricity, telephone, Internet and water.

4 - Good communication:

If we want all employees to know how to proceed, the best thing to do is to inform each of the department managers so that they are the ones to pass on the message.

5 - Establish procedures:

Make it known how and when the tasks involved in moving an office should be done: collecting personal belongings, how to deal with confidential documentation, how to move hazardous materials, computer equipment, etc.


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