4 tips for choosing boxes for moving home or storage


If you want to choose the right moving boxes when it comes to storing or packing your products, follow the tips below.

And don't worry if you have any doubts, it's totally fine! Not just any box will do.

We have all sent packages to another place, either privately or professionally, and perhaps we think that any box will do, and that just putting the product inside, closing the box and labelling it is enough.

This is not true, not only because there are aspects that we do not control, such as stacking, handling or unforeseen events during transport, but also because not all contents are the same.

For this reason, various models of boxes are manufactured, so that we can choose the one that best suits the characteristics of what we want to send or store.

We have prepared a list with the key points you need to choose the best boxes for removals.

1. Type of product

State (solid or liquid), measurements, weight-volume ratio, arrangement inside the box, fragility and specific conservation needs of the product.

Cardboard protects fragile products very well, and those that may have problems due to variations in temperature and humidity. However, there are boxes for light and flat products, boxes for tall and heavy products, cupboard boxes for clothes and of any shape; as well as "special" boxes for foodstuffs, dangerous products, isothermal boxes, frames, furniture, bicycles, etc.

2. Package handling:

We need to know how the package is going to be handled, as this influences the strength of the cardboard we need. If it is an international transport, it is wise to choose resistant models, as the package will go through a long handling process. It is also recommendable to place some kind of graphic warning symbol so that it arrives in the best possible conditions.

3. Storage:

On shelves or stacked, indoors, outdoors or the best option: with easyStorage. These are aspects that determine the weight and climatic conditions that the cardboard box must withstand. If there is any doubt, it is better to choose more resistant boxes.

4. Transport and delivery:

If the shipment is in individual boxes, full pallets or easyPods (see easyStorage website here). In the case of express transport, we recommend using protective padding inside the box, especially if the contents are not very strong, to avoid breakages.

We believe that these considerations will make it easier for us to choose the right moving box to pack our products from now on.

Finally, we are sure that a series of tips on how to pack packages correctly will be very useful.